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Welcome to the home of 
Barb Kobe's creative calling 
I am teaching at
Moontree Community Studios
in Donaldson, Indiana
May 31, June 2 & June 4-7
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I am artist, teacher, coach, and mentor. 
I create self-expressive, figurative sculptures (art dolls) that are symbolic, meaningful, thought-provoking, emotional and life-enhancing.

My vision is to assist women to heal and transform their lives through the mindful making of figurative sculptures (art dolls) and art journaling and art journaling processes.    I have been doing this work for 25 years. 
The art I create, and teach women to create, express emotion, personal meaning and symbolic imagery of the body, mind, emotional  spiritual feminine experience.

I develop curriculum and facilitate classes (in person and online) guiding women through creative, educational, transformative processes in which they learn how to make self-affirming and self awareness art. These processes invite a woman to create symbolic images that allow her to see and experience her wholeness, trust her intuition, connect to her creative self, and find meaning in her life.

Here is what people say about Barb:

This is a very special place that Barb has created to go deeply and be held by those on a similar journey at the same time. It is amazing what can be done on the Internet!  If you have found this group you are meant to be here".
Lisa Victoria, Australia

"Barb is a fabulous teacher who loves to share her many years of experience making whimsical and soulful "dolls". Her doll sculpting process is a form of creative expression that engages the psyche and brings healing and insight."
         Val Olson, Minneapolis

"She is not only unique, but compassionate, funny and knows exactly how to make learning about yourself  a fun experience!"

"Her work is archetypal and inspiring as artwork for meditation and reflection too."

"The workshops I took with her were life transforming."

"She is great at encouraging others to trust and believe in themselves."         

"Her work is accessible, BEAUTIFUL and surprises viewers into their opening up and healing their own selves.

"I can trace the beginning of my own career as an artist back to the day I spent with Barb in 1994, where her intuition and creativity helped me see all the possibilities within me."

"If you have the opportunity, read through her site, she is a wealth of information and a kind, generous soul, who really helped me learn and 
love more about ME. "


"Barb is a creative genius who goes out of her way to produce innovative, quality products. I cannot say enough for her skills and her work ethic! Her skills have helped countless people 
around the world."

Kelly Guinan


I am the Featured Artist is
MN Women's Press magazine
for April 2014
click here to read

"Recently the definition of what a doll is has been scrutinized by western doll artists and collectors, whose criteria  are based only on aesthetic appeal. But others understand that 
a doll should not only follow the rules and concepts for what is pleasing to the eye, but 
that it should also have the ability to cure, 
to instruct and even to protect."

- Christopher Mahoney
The Gifts you can receive from making dolls come in the form of play, self- awareness, exploring spirituality and receiving or giving healing.
On the surface the process requires time, inexpensive materials and curiosity.  
Under the surface it requires the need and desire to explore your very being.  
Begin the journey!  


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Send me YOUR pictures and stories 
about your healing dolls

How to Make Healing Dolls 
for Yourself


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About Medicine Doll experience

"It's a powerful experience to create a doll based on your feelings."
- Medicine Dolls student

ARTbundance™ Creativity Coach 
This is a unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual guide.  
This unique training allows me to greatly assist clients in accessing and using their creativity in powerful ways to catalyze greater awareness, joy, prosperity, and meaning in life.


Member & Mentor
WARM Women's Art Registry MN
Minneapolis/St. Paul


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